Friday, January 01, 2010

A brand new year, a brand new decade

From one Embarcadero, to another Embarcadero -- and then back again.

This evening, we went to watch the fireworks in San Francisco and ring in the New Year.

As we walked along the street, Andy Lee made the comment that to us growing up in the 1990s, the year 1910 seemed so long ago.

“Olden times!” I agreed.

"So those people of 2090," he continued, "will eventually look back on 2010 as such a faraway time in the past, the same we see 1910 as almost a different world. And now we're living it!"

"2010. A time when the planet was still in peril...” I said.

A time when we hadn’t yet solved global warming or environmental pollution and degradation. A time before humanity recognized its collective responsibility and its deep connection with the earth and the living systems that compose it, including many other species that also call this place home. Nuclear proliferation, terrorism, oppression, violations of basic human rights. A world that may not be able to feed itself, even as it speeds toward urbanization and modernization, and that is running out of fresh water. A world facing enormous challenges, full of conflict and disaster -- before it is rescued by concerted and thoughtful action, by international cooperation that transcends narrow borders, by ingenuity and innovation and the human spirit, and by the transformation of our societies into communities that are more peaceful, ecological and aware.

“2010. A time when the planet still existed...” Andy joked.

I hope my story is the one that plays out.

Happy 2010 everyone! May it be filled with love and good thoughts that are turned into positive actions.

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