Friday, September 27, 2013


There was once
Good night, and good luck
I'll find you again, dear morning
Sheer nighttime

Slate gray
A day, a day, a day

Friday, September 20, 2013

Time now only for light & love

The moon is a massive mirror hanging in the sky. I wonder if anyone ever tells the earth to look at its own reflection in that mirror.

If you placed the moon in your pocket, it wouldn't emit any silvery beams because it's not a source of luminescence.

When in darkness, ask for stars. They may be small, but they burn with their own light.

Moonlight is like lace, arcing through darkened tree branches.

Heard this evening: "the moon the day after Mid-Autumn -- the 2nd day -- is actually the roundest and brightest." Just like brunch the next day, lazy day, after a night of revelry and festivities. This moon has no pressing matters to attend to: it can lounge in its chair with a book of short stories and a tray of celestial mimosas. Hours drift past, an open horizon. This moon tilts its head with a contented expression. This moon arches its back. This moon rolls over and yawns. It spreads across the sky.

-- Random #中秋節 thoughts.

Mid-Autumn Again

The world still spins round and round, orbiting that bright star. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, 中秋節快樂!

The light from the moon bathes fields and terraces,
filters through groves and glades.
It washes onto cobblestones
and wanders country lanes.
Echoes of her shining compass:
bright crests, radiant irrigation.
Watch the transfer of quicksilver
carrying all the hopes in the world.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Future Tense

Bwa ha ha. From Matt Walsh:
I always love the older folks who lecture about how THEIR kids weren’t as “attached to electronics” as kids are nowadays. That’s probably true, but mainly because, well, YOU DIDN’T HAVE ELECTRONICS. You had a toaster and a black and white TV with 2 channels, both of which were pretty easy to regulate. But, sure, congratulations for not letting your kids use things that didn’t exist.
On that note, I have a strict “no time machines or hover-boards” policy in my home. It is stringently enforced. I’m thinking of writing a parenting book: “How to Stop Your Child From Becoming Dependent Upon Technology That Isn’t Invented Yet”