Friday, July 23, 2010

Night Market Rules

Impromptu rules for 夜市 (Night Markets) in Taiwan. Crafted this evening with the help of Sara Maatta.

1. Don't eat dinner beforehand. There are countless stalls selling mouthwatering treats, so you'll want to come with an empty stomach.

2. One order feeds two people. Whether it's 冰 or 餅, an order is more than enough to share. (Plus, instead of filling up on a single item, you'll get to chomp on a variety of goodies).

3. Go with a friend. The first two rules indicate that night markets are naturally a team affair. Rally the troops and off you go!

Only violated rule #1 this evening ... oh stomach ...

P.S. I bet any Taiwanese four-year-old could have told us this ... but hey, you live, you learn.

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