Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tendrils extend outward

In response to an article on CNET that says that the "long-rumored geolocation 'check-in' feature at Facebook is slated to debut within weeks" -- i.e. Facebook can tell where you are.

>> The takeover is coming.

Facebook's tendrils extend outward
First it's the 户口 household registration system, and then it's the grain rations. Your 单位 work unit will keep track of your housing and benefits -- and don't even think about trying to evade the neighborhood committees. Eventually, The Facebook will eat all public space.

Meanwhile, private space will be continuously converted into public space. Privacy is not allowed you see -- too much risk of plotting by the black classes. After all, why wouldn't you want everything to be public? Where's your revolutionary spirit, don't you want The Facebook to have access to and monitor everything? That way, the internet will be a good experience, on the whole, for the great majority of the people, you see.

What, too much room for abuse? Don't be such a rightist! "Privacy" is just a feudal concept used to oppress the masses. "User rights" are so bourgeois. Resistance is futile, so get with the program, folks.

The Facebook: Vanguard of the Revolution


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