Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reminders of Singapore 新加坡的回憶

A few things that have made me think of Singapore this past weekend:

1. S'porean folks at the AAGSA barbecue.

2. Durian at the supermarket, large and spiky.

3. Bought kaya at the supermarket. I shall have kaya toast this week! =D

4. Had Singapore-style 炒河粉 for dinner on Saturday, after the Stanford vs. USC game. (Stanford kicked a**, by the way -- driving up the field in literally the last minute of the game, and winning with a field goal.) We ate at this restaurant in Mountain View. (See, I even used Yelp for that link.)

5. Listened to the Fried Rice Paradise sound track on my iPod.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! Nothing like picking up a durian, to bring back memories of gagging on odorously-flavorful ice cream, while strolling along Orchard Road with friends.

It's hilarious how Yuan Xiang despises this fruit. This one's especially for you!

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