Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stop Bullies.

Guys, don't be douchebags. Girls, don't be b-tches. It's really unbecoming.

How can kids be exposed to literature (including even the simplest stories) or watch popular media and still end up behaving with such cruelty toward others? Don't they know they're acting as the villains?

It no longer seems to be a case of ignorance. (You get over that in say ... kindergarten, when young children maybe don't know how hurtful they are being). But once you're in grade school, it seems to be a kind of malice -- a combination of immaturity and a refusal to see/hear/care about anyone else, which contributes to bullying behavior.

Full comic here.

Also, see this NY Times piece on intervening early -- with great success. (That's the real point of this blog).

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