Thursday, April 18, 2013

Avatar: The Last Dancebender

The theme for Stanford's Big Dance this year:

We are taking pre-orders for Big Dance shirts! Get Fire Nation Red or Water Bending Blue; or if you're a third-time participant in the all-night Big Dance, soar into the clouds with our Airbender "Triple Crown" shirt!

Place your pre-order HERE!


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify - if this is actually our triple crown, do we have to pay for the shirt?

So excited!!

Bandana Bob said...

Can we post links to this page on G+/FB/etc.?

Also, will there be a year ("2013") or ordinal number (e.g. "93rd Annual Big Dance") on the t-shirt? (The design images don't appear to have either.)

Kevin H said...

Back of the shirts will say "Big Dance 2013".

You do pay for the Triple Crown shirt, but if ordered in conjunction with another shirt, you'll save $10.

Congrats on the Triple Crown! =D

Unknown said...

What type of shirt is this (e.g., American Apparel, Gildan, Jerzee...?)

Anonymous said...

why are Triple Crown shirts not free this year? :(