Saturday, March 09, 2013

Elevate, meditate, translocate, incantate

The "luftpause" is a breath mark,
cloud-floating, wing-fluttering:

    air ... air ... air ... (inhale)

The transcendant lift in the polka,
a pause hanging in the broad, cumulus sky.

Lips brushing before a kiss returned,
the tranquil syllable unuttered when it ends.

The breeze as you push open the glass
door into a windswept afternoon.

The time it takes for a murmured incantation,
and the wave of a wand, to translate into magic.

Watch the ballerina at the end of a phrase
stretch im-per-cep-tib-ly—
extending the line.

You could fit a sunlit idyll into the space of that breath,
An elongated moment in musical time.

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