Monday, March 04, 2013

To the Square!

The March from Beethoven 9 makes me want to parade down the street swinging my arms -- a spring in my step, an added touch of flair. It's full without being heavy -- solid, with weight, but still sprightly in movement. There's a certain portliness to the music's motion.

Citizens step out of doorways and soon swell the streets: bakers in white, chefs wielding pots and pans, florists carrying armfuls of blossoms, petals floating every which way. Shopkeepers and clerks, blacksmiths and book sellers, broad-chested barmen and tavern owners, all joining in the joyful stream of residents filling the city's wide boulevards, flowing through the cobbled lanes. This rally is going to be so much fun!

Catch the march at 58 minutes and 52 seconds.

So then I marched down the street to our cafe, arms a-swingin'.

I must also admit to imagining this scene during symphony rehearsals too, while listening to the growling tread of the contra-bassoon, the treble lift of the piccolo, the floor-shaking, body-vibrating "WHUMP" of the bass drum!

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